press release

July 7 - 21, 2012
Solo exhibition
Photography by Ronin

You don‘t look at these pictures. You look into them. Photos like symphonies - elaborately composed, charmingly staged, effectively tinted with colour. But always quietly. Each of Ronin’s photos emanates calmness. Even though the photographer himself is constantly on the move.
He has worked as a photographer for more than 25 years – for Stern, Vogue and the magazine of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. He has shot fashion, music and stars – and this season’s BBB campaign, including the cover of this Tradeshow Guide. The 45-year-old is just as much a part of Bread & Butter Berlin as the frenetic buzz of activity at the headquarters during the countdown to the tradeshow.
It was inevitable that Ronin would take the photography career path: his grandfather was a war-time photographer; his father had a darkroom at home and gave the then 13-year-old his first Leica. Ronin has been taking photos ever since. For three years he has dedicated himself exclusively to art, working as an old-school photographer with a focus on modern pop-art interpretations.
“I want to make colour harmonies, as well as emphasising the beauty of nature.” The people in his pictures remain splashes of paint, always anonymous, often in abstract poses. “I work a lot with extreme athletes and artists.” From the idea to the realisation it’s not uncommon for one or two years to pass. Ronin often waits hours, sometimes days, for the right light, but is always ready to make the most of the right moment when it happens.